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The Better Days Society (BDS) got involved with Ronald McDonald House BC in 2019. Some of the family stories we have been involved with include:

  1. Kathleen & Evan – Evan, at the age of 4, developed a very serious infection in his body which took intense treatments to overcome. However, Evan lost some fingers and toes as a result of the infection and requires custom bandages to assist with proper healing of his hands and feet. This cost is about $750/qtr. Kathleen had to give up her home and job to bring Evan to Vancouver for treatment. As such there was a strong need for funding of food and clothing.

    BDS has given Kathleen and Evan gift certificates to cover a couple of months of food and some clothing money. We have also agreed to cover the cost of future bandages until they are no longer needed. Kathleen and Evan have been at RMH for over 4 months. BDS will continue to support this family as our funding permits.

  2. Connor and his Dad, had been at RMH for over 290 nights when we were introduced to their situation. Dad is single parenting (he lost his wife the previous year to cancer), and has another son who stays with the grandparents in their home of Quesnel. We were able to assist with gas and food gift certificates.

  3. We are in the process of reviewing a number of other family situations brought to us by RMH and look forward to assisting as many as we can, while still making sure we help significantly to the ones we do help!

Ella Ray

Ella Ray

Ella Ray was a 2½ year old girl when we became aware of her situation. She was born with very rare form of skin cancer. Over the next few years, Ella had over 30 surgeries, most of which were skin grafts to remove/replace the diseased skin. The doctors had to put expanders in her back to stretch her good skin, as they were running out of skin grafting locations.

Her Dad is single parenting and had to give up his job, as Ella Ray requires constant care. Concerned family and friends started up a trust fund to assist paying some of the costs associated with her treatments. BDS contributed to this trust fund for numerous years, so that we could take some of the pressure off the family as it gives them some reliable funding.



Stephanie has a very extreme case of epilepsy. Her seizures started when she was about 2 years old. Before long, she was experiencing many seizures each day, including multiple “grand mal” seizures. Over the course of the next couple of years, she received treatments through traditional medical methods.

As the situation was not significantly improving, the family investigated other forms of treatment as a last resort. They found a local doctor who was training in both traditional and homeopathic medical disciplines. He felt that he could help by using homeopathic treatments. Unfortunately, these types of treatments are not covered by the medical plan and the costs were beyond the family's means.

Better Days Society assisted in paying the substantial costs of this alternative treatment. This gave Stephanie and her family a chance at living some better days in her future.


Over our history, BDS has also assisted families in covering costs associated with:

  • Travel costs to attend Eating Disorder Clinics for an out of town family
  • Travel costs for an out of town family to have their child assessed for alternative health treatment opportunities
  • Shoes for a young boy who, due to cerebral palsy, had two significantly different sized feet. Each time the child needed new shoes, they needed to buy two pairs
  • Assisted in the purchase of a handicap van to assist the transport of a family with a disabled child
  • Contributed to an organization that was taking a group of special needs children to an out of town baseball tournament