Meet Some of Our Families

SW request: I have a family who are having a difficult time covering the cost of a medication for their infant child. They will need funding for this until they can get back on their feet at home after discharge.

Better Days Society response: In talking to the Social Worker, we discovered that the family's only vehicle was not working due to a faulty fuel pump. They had a $900 mechanic's quote to repair the car. BDS contacted a towing company who were able to tow the car to their facility, replace the pump (and battery), and get the car back to the family for less than $300 - which was covered by our Society. We would like to thank Coquitlam Towing for their support on this project who sold parts at cost and didn't charge for tow or mechanical time! Meanwhile, the child was taken off the medication, but Better Days Society was still able to help the family during a very stressful time.

“We are a family from northern BC. I had complications in my pregnancy and my son was born at 30 weeks. He has severe chronic lung disease and had surgery for a tracheostomy when he was 4 months old. Ronald McDonald house had closed its doors to new family members due to COVID. So we were homeless. I want to thank you so much for helping find our apartments in May so that we could all live together. In June, RMH opened back so we moved back into the house. But without your support, our family would have been separated for a month. I am happy to say that after 268 days in NICU, we moved home as a family! Thank you for your help! ”

Notes from Our Families